Can I be an online only sugar baby?


Being an online only sugar baby can be quite tricky. The most difficult part would be that you would have to find such a man who will be okay with being an online only sugar daddy. Maybe it is easy for you to find a sugar daddy with the help of different sugar daddy platforms. But very few of them are willing to keep the relationship online only. Although the possibility is small, it is still possible to have this. And it could be ideal for a young girl who is a starter at this kind of sugar arrangements, because it allows you to perfect the art of being a sugar baby. It is also ideal if you are already in another relationship and you only need the sugar daddy to meet your financial needs. Sounds crazy? Let's check out the possibilities.

online sugar baby

The possibilities of finding an online only sugar daddy

Online sugar daddies could be married men who are avoiding getting physically involved for fear of cheating on their spouse. And they consider an online relationship to be acceptable. They could also be starters who also want to start a sugar arrangement online so as to build confidence.

What would you do to achieve that?

If you decide that your sugar relationship should be only online, first you have to be ready to spend an ample amount of time on online sugar daddy sites. Be patient since it could take time to find a sugar daddy who wants the same arrangement as you. Be sure to keep checking and always be clear that your commitment will be an online only one.

Before you settle for an online sugar relationship, be very cautious because not everyone who is online is reliable. Try finding out more about the man you are in contact with, because you could end up falling in the hands of older men who will only exploit you. Also beware of scammers who might not even be ideal sugar daddies. Those fake scammers are only there to use you and then disappear with nothing in return.

Patience is really the key if you are in an online only arrangement, because you will have to put in more energy and time for you to get that cash. Your sugar daddy will expect a lot from you for him to give money in return. And even those transactions could take time so you really have to be patient. Or you will end up feeling like you are being used.

Is this your cup of tea?

An online secret arrangements usually involves the use of webcams and online chats. So you may get familiar with all of these before the relationship starts. If your sugar daddy is a married man, he obviously wouldn't want to disclose this arrangement to his wife. So you should establish the appropriate times for the two of you to interact. The well arranged time would help avoid awkwardness during these moments. Also be open to things like sexting. Sexting means sharing your personal photos and videos, voice messages and things like that. These are the ways you can provide sexual satisfaction to your sugar daddy without physical involvement. If you are not comfortable with this then, this is not your ideal sugar relationship.

While one cannot entirely dismiss the idea of an online only sugar arrangement. It is only fair to say that this kind of thing is really hard to find. Maybe you could be the lucky one if you keep trying. But also be open to a physical relationship or you might have to wait too long to be an online only sugar baby.