Why college students choose to be sugar babies?

by SeekingSecretArrangements.com

The sugar baby/daddy arrangements are common between rich old men and young beautiful women. In this kind of relationship, people often call the older rich men as sugar daddies. And we call the beautiful young women as the sugar babies. There is a shocking truth that a rising number of college students choose to be an arrangement seeker. There are also however, few girls who are working and some who are not college students. But the underlying characteristic is that they are young and intellectually smart to be able to date these sugar daddies. In this article we focus on the reason why most of these sugar babies are college students. And to our surprise, it's approximately 85% of the sugar babies.

The whole sugar daddy/ baby arrangement is based on having rich old men to spend their monies on young girls. Yet, they would both consider to meet the requirements of the mutually beneficial arrangements. These old men are interested in getting some company and some emotional support from these babies. On the other hand, these sugar babies are looking to be treated lavishly to the finer things in life as a way of appreciation. Sex is never an essential part of these arrangements which separates them from others like escort providers and prostitution.

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So why are there so many college girls willing to try these arrangements?

1) The tuition: The high cost of living on top of the college fee is one of the main reasons cited by many college students in the sugar baby business. The sugar baby business is always booming in cities with high numbers of college student. In these places, both the cost of living and the cost of colleges are higher than in other places. Such cities include Sydney and Perth in Australia and the cities alike. There is a huge number of sugar daddy/baby dating websites to cater for the booming market in these cities.

2) The peer pressure: The other reason is peer pressure and the desire by these young college girls to leave beyond their means. The few who join for genuine reasons and for the fun of it, end up influencing their counterparts by flaunting their posh life. Their experiences and stories are luring more into similar arrangements. A great portion of college girls in the sugar baby business have yielded to the pressure of being left out by their peers who are affording to live beyond their means courtesy of their sugar daddies.

3) Family reason: There is some who have gone to the sugar baby business due to family dysfunctionality. Woes with their parents has made these girls to date older men in the quest of filling the parental gap especially the fatherly figure that has resulted. Some have also been unable to date young men of their age due to emotional incompatibilities. This makes them more prone to falling for the old mature men.

College students have chosen to try sugar daddy dating because it sounds like a well-paying engagement that does not require too much skill. To be a sugar baby you only need to smart and able to keep up with the sugar daddies needs. There are many platforms that facilitate these connections and therefore any young girl can easily join and find a sugar daddy.