How to get a sugar daddy to give you money online


Just like other forms of dating has been changing all the time. The sugar daddy/baby arrangement has become so diversified with time since its inception some years back. There is more online engagement today than physical thus we even have exclusive online relationships. This is more because of the internet that has allowed some people to depend entirely on it for communications and interactions. Some has even found it as a source of income. Sugar daddy/baby engagement has not been left behind. There is a growing number of girls and ladies who want to know how they can get sugar daddies giving them money online. This article touches on this issue and what a sugar baby needs to do.

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Why do they want to get a sugar daddy to give them money?

With the increasing number of sugar babies, there are newbie and even shy and timid girls come to sugar dating. No matter if they have been forced to this sort of arrangements or not, they know very little of it. Also, every beginner will experience some fear, either because of their safety or from lack of experience. There are college students who have issue to pay their bills by themselves. By listening to the stories of other college sugar babies who get paid by their sugar daddies, they decide to seek financial help on this either. These are some of the major reasons some girls will choose to seek arrangements from the sugar daddies.

Since most of the arrangements and interactions are online, getting paid through that similar platform would only be the most reasonable thing. Some online users may feel the need to maintain their privacy. And by doing so they may opt to carry on their bossiness purely online. Some sugar daddies in particular may be public figures. They would prefer keeping some part of their lives as private as possible.

The biggest advantage with internet is that you can interact with someone miles away. This therefore means that you can even have a relationship with someone who is on the other side of the globe. While most sugar daddy websites encourage physical relations, when you have a sugar daddy who is far and the only way to interact is through online, then you should also get the money online.

What a sugar baby should do to be given money online?

First of all, you will have to where to start and who to target. Sugar daddies pride themselves over their ability to spoil these young beautiful sugar babies. However, some will have more commitment than others and it's the committed ones that might be interested in online only interactions. For example, the married sugar daddies might be more committed than their single counterparts.

Use the right sugar daddy dating platforms to get your connections. These will offer you with a pool of willing sugar daddies for you to pick from.

When you get one, try as much as possible to be honest and open as possible. Show some commitments to them by being everything they want you to be. This does not mean being ratchet. But you must capture all their attention and make them shower you with whatever you need.


Getting these sugar daddies to give you anything online, you have to be smart as well as creative. Learn some skills to spot fake sugar daddies so you can find the real ones. Then learn how to play their fantasies to make them spend heavily on you.