How to be a sugar daddy


The thought of becoming a sugar daddy might be a bit unreachable especially for a new comer. But the truth is that it doesn't have to be so. With a few useful hints, one can comfortably explore this kind of a relationship and end up benefiting from it as a sugar daddy.

Be clear about what you need and what you can provide

The first and most important thing to know is to establish the exact kind of arrangement that you would like. Before you even begin searching for a sugar baby, you should be clear about yourself. This includes being honest with yourself and knowing exactly what you want and what you are willing to give. Once you have this beforehand, you will find it easier to look for a suitable sugar baby.

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Create your profile and start to search

The next step is putting yourself out there. There are plenty of online dating platforms through which you can find a suitable match. But I would recommend using a secret arrangements site as this makes your search easier. Members on this kind of platforms are seeking for the same arrangements as you do. You should however be cautious to avoid scammers who are all over the internet. They are only after your money. Take your time until you find someone who you feel comfortable with and one with whom you can settle on common interests.

Define your relationship

Once you have found your ideal sugar baby, you need to have an agreement. And be particular on what each one of you expects from this arrangement. A simple coffee date would be a good start to discuss your expectations. Thus when you start the relationship you won't have to deal with a conflict of interests.

At this point, you are now a sugar daddy. And all you need is to learn what your sugar baby loves and work on meeting her needs. Being open will help you discover her likes, the kind of gifts and treats she fancies, and how the two of you can enjoy a good time together.

If your relationship is a sexual one, you may need to exercise some patience. As much as you may be really yearning to go to bed with her the very moment you go on your first date, this might be a bad idea that could ruin the entire arrangement. Let them feel that you respect them by taking sometime to know them. And from there they will feel free to get involved with you sexually.

Negotiate your terms with your baby

One of the major aspects of a sugar daddy is providing financial support to their sugar baby. Don't forget this important bit. The amount will vary depending on their needs and what the original agreement was. Stick to this so that your sugar baby will not feel like they can't trust you. You can however discuss adjustments depending on changing circumstances. The bottom line is, be honest and open to talk about the financial bit. Apart from money, you should be there for your sugar baby in other ways. Take interest in what they do, be it business, school or any other important aspect of their life and help them by providing mentor-ship and advise on those areas. This will make them feel more appreciated.

A sugar daddy experience can be a great one even for a starter if you keep the above tips in mind. You only need to get rid of your fears, learn and love yourself and then venture into the world of potential sugar babies. You could just discover what you have always wanted with the sugar baby.