Reasonable amount of money to ask from a sugar daddy


There are a lot of sugar babies out there fumbling with the question. The question is that "what is the reasonable amount of money to ask from a sugar daddy". This is even more confusing to those who are new in this sort of arrangements. The sugar daddies do not want to feel over- exploited. And the sugar babies do not want to be under appreciated or to feel used at the same time. Sugar daddy/baby arrangements should be mutually beneficial to both partners. In this article we focus on the issues surrounding this decision: what is the reasonable amount of allowance to ask.


What to consider when thinking about sugar daddy allowances.

There are several factors that every girl should consider when setting the amount of allowances they plan to ask from any sugar daddy out there. These factors will therefore, put the figures in the ranges of hundreds or even thousands. These are:

  • The type of life that you want for yourself and your general worth. These two goes hand in hand. That's to say that your worth will be equivalent to the kind of life that you want to live. Placing a price on yourself can be very tricky but you only have to be confident enough to know that you are priceless and what you charging is the time that you get to spend on him. The self-worth can never be determined by the looks, level of education or even social status.
  • How much do you really want? This is another factor to consider since these arrangements are in some way changing life of some sugar babies. How much is your rent, your school fee, your general upkeep. Being a sugar baby might require most of your time thus you need to make it pay all your bills besides giving you a luxurious life.
  • How much is the sugar daddy willing to give? Every sugar baby has to consider the amount the sugar daddy is willing to give on top of other treats such as travel expenses and gifts. It is not an esay task to get a suagr daddy to give you money. Once you found one, commmunicate clearly about the amount they are thinking about to avoid any confusion.
  • Lastly and the most important are the terms of your arrangements. Under these terms you get to learn things like the time you two will be spending together, what you will offer for each other, additional treats or services that may occur and even how you will get your allowances.

There are two common payment modes among this relationship. They are pay per date or a monthly allowance. These two can be agreed on the sugar arrangement deal so that both parties can discuss and come into terms.

  • The pay per date or visit is where the sugar baby gets her allowances every time she meets with the sugar baby for a date. This is great for those dating more than one sugar daddy at the same time. The allowances range from $200-$2000 according to dating site research.
  • The monthly allowances come at the end of every month. And they range from $1000-$10000 depending on the location and the nature of the relationship. This is a great payment mode for those in long term arrangements and with huge financial plans.