Seeking arrangement stories – ex-sugar babies experiences


You can easily tell how popular is sugar daddy dating nowadays by checking the mass media around you. Whenever you do a search online, you will see sugar related topic online everywhere. There will be forum topics about sugar lifestyle when you browsing around on Reddit. There will also be Youtube videos from ex-sugar babies talking about their past sugar experiences. You can also see different articles from different sites about sugar dating. With the high demand, there comes a lot of sugar daddy websites that would connect sugar babies and sugar daddies with each other.

Thus, more and more mutually beneficial relationships have been established through these secret arrangements sites. But still there are so many people who are showing interest not ready to give it try. Many of them are expecting some seeking arrangement stories to get more confidence or know more things about it to move forward. Now here we are to bring you some real seeking arrangement stories from ex-sugar babies for your reference. Hopefully you may get more ideas by reading their experience stories.

seeking arrangement stories

Sticking to your rules to avoid scam

We put this first story here for you to learn a lesson if you are a newbie. Once you defined your terms in a possible relationship, stick to it or you will easily be scammed.

I met a SD a few weeks ago and he had been pushy for sex ever since the communication at the very beginning. And I said I don't do that on the first date. But during the met up, he acted as a nice person and I finally went with him after dinner. He said that he would send me my allowance via credit card even though I insist on receiving cash. Then he gave me $100 as the transportation fee for the night. Few days after first met up, I didn't receive any allowance that he had ever promised. And whenever I asked, there were always excuses. It felt like a scam and I finally realized that.

This is only one of the stories among those who are being scammed. Do remember to stick to your agreements and rules so the scammers can not easily take advantage of you. Especially you are new to this area and you don't have any experiences in dealing with fake sugar daddies.

The payment way really says something

This is not a complete story but many sugar babies encountered this in some similar way. So when someone asks you to do so, just report him. There is no wonder that he is trying to scam you. The scammer will convince you to accept a fake payment that is more than the amount you initially agreed with. And they want you to send the extra money back to someone or buy gift cards. So never send your bank account information or bank login information to someone in any condition. This is also important for anyone who are trying to be a sugar babies and ever for those who are doing online dating. And how to get a sugar daddy to give you money is like art work, you may learn some skill about it.

My secret second fancy life

It was in a meaningless phase of my life when I was still in college. I was struggling with my study as well as my tuition. Then I heard of sugar daddy dating from my roommates. I signed up on one of the secret arrangements platforms and then my life changed. I guess I was luck since the very first man I met was really nice. We had a nice conversation through the site and made our arrangement. Then we dated the other night and things are as nice as I can think of. We went to a gorgeous dining place and after martinis we got a room. Things just happened; I got an envelope with five hundred dollars in my purse when I left.

It was the easiest money I have ever made. I used to do assistant work with a $10/ hour income. This experience changed my lifestyle completely. I dated with different daddies through the years and even after graduation. Then I tried different things and took adventures with the money I made through sugar daddy dating. I can fulfill every interest in life with those secret arrangements I had with my rich sugar daddies.

This story might be the ideal sugar baby lifestyle that every arrangement seeker would pursue. If this is what you are looking for, remember the first two samples to help you spot fake sugar daddies and make sure the experience would always be great.