Tips to spot fake sugar daddy


In this fast growing sugar dating world, there are more and more fake sugar daddies and babies. These fake ones prey on innocent arrangement seekers on these platforms only to exploit them in one way or the other. On most of the sugar dating platforms they have put up measures to mitigate scammers and fake ones. However, not all have been that successful and some of them are very good at what they do. And they slip through the cracks undetected at first. To ensure that we find a real sugar daddy, here are some tips to help spot a fake sugar daddy.

Spot fake Sugar Daddy

The signs of fake sugar daddies

1) They will always appear needy and pushy. Real sugar daddies are busy with different life commitments thus they will hardly be desperately pursuing multiple girls online. When they happen to meet one, they will most likely establish some trust by allowing each other time to understand each other better. While you need a reliable sugar daddy, they do also want a baby that they can trust. Fake sugar daddies will take any slight opportunity to push for a meeting so as to avoid being exposed.

2) Fake sugar daddy will go to greater lengths to look flashy and rich. This is because they are playing to the sugar babies fantasies. They are eager to create an illusion of what is expected of them. For example they will try to pause with the most expensive designer wears and luxurious car fleets. And when it comes to a conversation they will always make it sound like they have a very busy life with big talks on big money.

3) Another indicator is that of pushing for intimacy as soon as you have started talking. Most mature rich sugar daddies will always show respect for the ladies as well as their decisions. Even when they have been single, they still show high levels of chivalry. Real sugar daddies will stand by your arrangement agreements and will not push for intimacy.

4) Talk big and do nothing. Those sugar daddies that will show interest on you and may promise you everything you want while chatting. But when it comes to paying your bills they get cold feet, they definitely are fake sugar daddies. Genuine ones are philanthropic and they take pleasure in spoiling their sugar babies even when they are getting nothing in return. Fake ones will never want to spend on you when they are not benefiting. And some of them may avoid meeting you face to face to protect their real identity.

5) Real sugar daddies will keep their promises while fake ones will tend to evade them or make excuses. This is just to show that they are imposters and they cannot deliver on anything they promise. Particularly when it involves huge investments that are likely to benefit the sugar baby alone, like paying her school fees or paying off her mortgage.

6) Ignore your needs. Lastly, fake sugar daddies are superficial in their understanding since they will be vague in what they want in the arrangement. And they will also be more likely to ignore your needs and terms of the engagement. They are mostly with arrogant and quick to drop you since they only want to use you. And when they cannot they will try to intimidate you.


These are some of the tips that every sugar baby should learn to avoid becoming a victim of these fake sugar daddies. After all, there is a growing number of fake sugar daddies on different platforms. You may learn more tips to protect yourself and increase the chance of finding an ideal sugar daddy for you.