Things to consider before you choose to be an arrangement seeker


Being a perfect sugar baby might sound like something that any girl can do easily. But it could prove to be quite tricky particularly for starters. And it is not an easy job for anyone who is looking to get into this kind of secret arrangement. However, it becomes a lot easier to play the sugar baby role if you know the following things in advance. These rules also ensure that you reap maximally from your sugar daddy while taking care of his needs in return.

arrangement seeker

Be ready

First, be prepared for the kind of secret arrangements you are getting involved in. A sugar daddy- sugar baby relationship is not one in which too much emotional attachment is involved. The sugar daddy provides financial support. And the girl is there mainly to hang out with and for casual sex when required. This varies from one arrangement to another so be sure to discuss this before you settle down on the relationship. As much as a sugar daddy may want some amount of affection and your time don't be expecting a lot of emotional availability from your sugar daddy, there should be no strings attached.

Be fun

A sugar daddy approaches you as a younger woman because they are looking to relive their long gone youthfulness. You do not want to make the relationship messy, so keep all kind of drama out of the way. Find out how your man likes to spend his time with you. And be flexible so that your time together becomes fun filled.

Be elegant

As a sugar baby you have to always look good. Make sure to maintain your shape if you want to keep the sugar daddy in the game. You will achieve this by exercising accordingly to maintain that figure. Make use of appropriate make up and always dress to impress, in short, don't be boring and monotonous. Every time you meet up with your sugar daddy, make him yearn for the kind of experience he is about to have simply by looking at you.

Be a go-getter

When you decide to become a sugar baby, it means you expect some level of financial support from your sugar daddy. Of course you will have established the extent to which you should expect this right from the beginning. So do not be afraid to ask this from him. It could be a boost to your business, some cash to change your wardrobe or get your hair and nails done.

Be straight forward

Be straightforward on the amount of money you would like to ask for. This will save you from feeling like you are just a toy. But at the same time ensure the man is benefiting from you as you both agreed. Apart from the money, you can benefit from your sugar daddy in lots of other ways. At his age, he could mentor you in your career and even connect you with opportunities that will open doors for you in your line of work. So just open your mind and allow your sugar daddy to provide all this for you.

There are plenty of things that make a sugar baby perfectly suitable for this role. But the above are the most essential ones with which you can confidently settle for the arrangement. And with these basic rules in mind, you can enjoy your arrangement and continue perfecting your art.